Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Lost Episode Review


All this time I had believed that there were only three episodes left, including tonight’s episode, and then I paid a little more attention to the ad for tonight’s episode and noticed that they said that there are only three episodes left, until the season finale. Which means there are four episodes left. Really five when you consider that the season finale is two hours long. So now I feel really stupid. At least I was smart enough to look up when the finale would be before requesting the wrong day off from work. And yes, you did read that right. I requested to have the day of the season finale off of work. Does that make me a weirdo? Absolutely. But it also makes me a well-prepared weirdo.

I’m going to completely ignore the flashbacks in this episode, since they were once again a total waste of time, and instead I’m going right to the Sun-Juliet plot. In this episode it was revealed to us that Jin was in fact the baby-daddy (and it didn’t even require a special guest appearance from Maury Povich) and according to Juliet, women who conceive on the island are doomed, which explains why Claire survived her giving birth. However, I find this whole thing to be a bit hard to swallow. First of all, how can we trust Juliet at all based on the fact that we know she’s lying to Jack and the rest of the survivors? I can’t really take anything she says as fact anymore until I have proof. And since its taken nearly three years of the show to get through three months of life on the island, it seems that it could be a very long time before Sun actually might die and we’d know that Juilet was right (they said she probably has about two months to live, which could mean about two more years of the show, which oddly enough is about the number of years the producers have claimed they want the show to keep running for. What an interesting coincidence, don’t you think?).

Another problem with this claim is that I firmly believe that just because The Others are dying when they are pregnant doesn’t mean that the crash survivors will. As I’ve pointed out before, the survivors have thrived in terms of their health while on the island, except for those who died, but we’ll get to that later. I believe that the island has decided to hurt The Others now, but that it still has healing powers. How are we to believe that Sun should follow the same path as the other pregnant women based on the track record of her fellow survivors? Heck, she wouldn’t even be pregnant if it weren’t for the island making Jin fertile.

The other big problem with this whole storyline was that it was so obvious that Jin was the baby-daddy, and not just because it would have been pointless to have it be otherwise. I’m no expert on child birth or on the female reproductive system, but I did well enough in health class to know that a woman would have probably realized before three months had passed that she was pregnant. I believe that a woman no longer goes through menstruation after becoming pregnant and so I find it hard to believe that Sun could have thought that she was pregnant with the other guy’s baby. Don’t you think she might have noticed something like that a while ago? I know that probably wasn’t first and foremost on her mind after a traumatic event like the plane crash, but still. Come on now. Give us a little credit here.

One last thing to say about the pregnancy storyline that was pointed out by my lovely girlfriend, Julie. Juliet said into the tape recorder that she had gotten a sample from Sun and soon she’d have one from Kate as well. Does this mean that Kate’s pregers or is going to be soon thanks to her rendezvous with Sawyer? It didn’t strike me that way when I first heard it, but as soon as Julie pointed it out to me, I thought she was on to something. Just keep that in mind.

Now let me turn our attention over to the helicopter pilot. Well sadly, we still don’t know much about this person or why she’s even there. We know she can speak several different languages, but that’s about it. What’s interesting with her is how her life was saved by the thought to be dead Other, Mikhail aka Patches. So what’s up with that, huh? Did he really die when he was thrown through the fences or was that all just an act? And if he did die, how is it that he’s not still dead? And if he did die, why are all the people who died on the island still dead? Should we expect to see Shannon, Boone, Libby, Ana-Lucia, Nikki, Paulo, and Ethan all come back soon or are they definitely gone for good? And if they’re gone for good and Patches did die, but is now back, why can he come back from the dead and they can’t? My head is completely spinning as a result of this twist. There is just way too much that needs to be explained regarding the return of Patches and they better get to it soon because I need answers. And I need them now.

The helicopter pilot did provide us with one other incredible detail in this episode. She claims that Oceanic Flight 815 was found and that everyone on it died, which kind of goes against everything we thought we knew, since our heroes all apparently survived that crash. Some people might think that this is some kind of signal that the popular purgatory theory is true, but I think what this is all about is a cover-up. It is my belief that someone off the island has staged this other Flight 815 crash site so that no one will continue looking for the real Flight 815 thus keeping the island a secret. If people kept looking, which they would be apt to do, even if they didn’t expect to find survivors, they might happen upon the island and that would be a major problem for The Others and whomever is in charge off the island. They need to keep this place secret for some reason, so that’s why they told people they found the plane and everyone was dead.

Lastly, I wanted to throw out something that has nothing to do with this episode or anything I’ve seen happen this season. I think it’s interesting that we haven’t seen Michael and Walt this year at all. I fully expected they’d be back by now, even with their boat and the knowledge of how to leave the island. So that’s why I’m predicting that they’ll be back before season’s end. You heard it here first, just remember that.

Next time on Lost: Tonight is that next time and in this episode Locke is supposed to have kidnapped Ben and now he seems to want Sawyer to kill him. This all sounds well and good, but since The Others have things so meticulously planned, I really feel like this is all part of their evil-doings and not Locke surprising them and ruining things for them. Call me crazy, but I just don’t think The Others have been outsmarted this time. Also in this episode, Jack’s going to find out that no one trusts him anymore. I bet that will be a blow to his ego. Remember, only three episodes remain, AFTER tonight’s episode, so plan your lives accordingly.


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