Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lost Episode Review

Greatest Hits aired May 16th, 2007


In typical Lost fashion, the last episode for the season finale was pretty much just a way to set the stage for what we already knew was coming. There was nothing in this episode that we didn’t know already from the previews for it, except that The Others had moved up their attack on the survivors camp on Ben’s orders. So I’m not really going to spend too much time with this episode, but rather, I want to spend most of my time looking ahead to tonight’s season finale.

As cheesy as most of this episode was, I still liked it. The greatest hits flashbacks of Charlie’s life was simultaneously lame and touching. As much as it was kind of silly to watch as Charlie wrote down his greatest moments in life, there was also something very nice about it as he said his goodbyes knowing that he was about to give his life for Claire and the rest of his fellow survivors.

There was one completely new thing in this episode though, and that was the revelation of the underwater station, known as the Looking Glass, which was according to Juliet through Ben, abandoned. However, as we found out as the episode closed, this was not the case at all, a fact that Charlie found out in kind of a bad way.

I guess that’s really all I need to say about this past episode. It was okay, but not great, hopefully though it will give us something wonderful tonight.

Tonight on Lost: Well this is the so-called game changing episode. The one where things get answered and where things get turned upside down. So what does that mean exactly? Well first I’d say it means death. Nothing changes things quite like the passing of some major characters. So who’s at risk of not returning for next season? Here’s my list (I’m only going to talk about major characters dying, none of those boring people who’s names we barely know):

Ben – I think it would be a damn shame for this show to eliminate Ben, but you’ve got to think there’s a strong possibility that Locke will come up out of that pit and get his revenge on the man who put him there. I’m hoping he lives, but I’m not really betting on it.

Charlie – Perhaps a bit to obvious of a choice, but still, they’ve been talking about his death for too long for him not to at least be at risk.

Desmond – He already tried to take Charlie’s place in last week’s episode, and from the preview for tonight’s season finale, we know that Desmond will go down into the underwater station, so I’d say that means he’s got a chance to die as well. I really don’t want this to happen though, because I like Desmond a lot.

Jack – If tonight’s episode is a game changer, then I would say nothing would change the game quite like the death of Jack. I’d say his chances of dying are slim, but they certainly aren’t impossible.
Locke – He was shot two weeks ago, so he’s probably not perfectly healthy. Plus, if he gets out of that pit in time to meet up with Ben, one of them will probably need to go because that island simply isn’t big enough for the two of them.

Sayid – Someone suggested this possibility to me, and as much as I don’t want him to die (of all the characters on the show, I’d say I want him to die the least), when they said it, I thought they could be very right. The preview for this episode shows Sayid having been captured by The Others, so he’s certainly vulnerable.

Juliet – There’s no better way to prove your loyalty to Jack and the survivors by throwing yourself under the bus and letting all of them live. Of course, she could also be killed because she reveals herself to be a true Other and Jack and Co. won’t like that very much.

So what other radical predictions am I willing to make here? Well, I’ve said it for weeks, so I’ll say it again, Walt and Michael will return. I’ve suddenly had a brilliant stroke of genius, and I’m going to say that we will find those two in the underwater hatch. Ben couldn’t really let them get back to the real world, but he also couldn’t let them come back to the island, so the underwater hatch, which was thought to be abandoned would be a good place for them to be stowed away.

My next prediction is that the helicopter pilot isn’t quite who she says she is. I don’t know why I think that. I just do. And lastly, I’m going to say that they will not get off the island tonight. Which I know, is really going out on a limb.

Alright, I hope you’re ready for this, because it’s only a few hours away. I’m pumped and I’m sure you are too for tonight’s season finale. I'm so pumped that I even requested off of work tonight just so I could watch it live.


P.S. Check back Thursday or Friday for my recap of the finale and of the season as a whole

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