Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lost Episode Review

The Man Behind The Curtain aired May 9th, 2007


So I’m not quite sure what to say about last week’s episode, except that that was some fucked up shit. I know that’s not the most eloquent thing I’ve ever written, but I think it’s really the only accurate thing I can say. Last week’s episode was so weird and baffling; it felt like an episode from early in the run of this show where you got way more questions than answers. Well I guess we’ll start with the big thing first and work our way down to the more benign material.

In this episode we met the supposed “man behind the curtain;” the invisible and possibly fake, Jacob. I guess the first question we have to ask is, is Jacob real? I suppose my answer is yes. I wonder if it is a bit like the Wizard of Oz and there was just some Disney special effects guy who set all that up for the real Jacob so that he could scare people away from the hut. I think its possible that Jacob doesn’t actually live in that hut, but rather he lives off the island. I just don’t believe he’s invisible. That’s just too stupid to be real. At least I hope it is.

So the next question to ask is, is Locke dead or about to be? My answer is an emphatic no. First, there’s no way Locke would be killed off, not like that at least. If he’s going out, he’s going to go out kicking ass and saving lives. I just don’t believe they’d play him like that.

The other reason relates to the biblical story of Jacob. According to a website I read, and stop me if I’m wrong here and you know the Old Testament much better than I, Jacob was a man whom God loved and had direct contact with. Jacob had twelve sons who made up the twelve tribes of Israel. One of those sons, Joseph, was thought by the other sons to be special because he could interpret dreams and it was thought that he was more loved by Jacob, so they sold him into slavery, but Joseph was able to rise up from this and become an advisor to the Pharaoh in Egypt. One of the other sons of Jacob by the way was named, Benjamin.

So while this isn’t an exact replica of that story, in part because Benjamin wasn’t really involved in selling Joseph into slavery, and in part because the “favored son” on Lost is named John Locke, but there is definitely some similarities here which make you think that Locke will not die. It is pretty well known that the producers of Lost have incorporated a lot of biblical stories into their show, so it seems only natural that this is another one of those times.

The next thing I want to talk about is Ben’s flashback, not so much in that it was particularly interesting, but that I feel there is something more to it that we just don’t get yet. First, why did Ben lie about being born on the island? Was it because he didn’t want people to know he was part of Dharma beforehand? Second, what happened to his BFF Annie? Is she still alive? A friend told me that a friend of his said that the teacher called Anna, Rousseau in the school scene. I just watched it again, and that definitely didn’t happen, although Annie being Rousseau would explain why Rousseau’s daughter is also Ben’s daughter a fact that hasn’t made much sense to me at all. But then it would completely destroy everything that we thought we knew about Rousseau, so maybe that isn’t the case. Just a thought.

The third thing I want to know about is, is that guy young Ben met in the jungle who looked exactly like Richard, just scruffier, actually Richard (Richard by the way is the guy who recruited Juliet to the island and also the guy who played the photographer on Suddenly Susan (don’t ask me how I know that))? They never confirmed or denied it, but it does seem quite weird that this person would look exactly the same and yet not be Richard. Although, in Back to the Future Part II the children of Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker did look exactly the same as their parents and in Part III, Marty’s relative, Seamus McFly and Biff’s relative, Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen look just like their 1985 counterparts, so I guess it’s possible that Richard’s dad or grandfather would look exactly like Richard. But in the event that that was actually Richard, one has to wonder then, if Ben aged from his young self to the Ben we see today, why is Richard still the same age or at least why does he appear not to have aged?

Quickly, I want to mention that I’m very upset that we found out the Patches didn’t die and then come back it was just that the pylons were set to stun not to kill. Very lame.

The last thing I want to talk about is what to do about Jack. First of all, I don’t know what to think about him anymore. At the end of last season I thought he was a jerk. Then I liked him when he was kidnapped by The Others, and now that he’s back with the survivors, I think he’s a jerk again. I just don’t trust him really. When he told his fellow survivors that he already knew about the planned raid and yet just hadn’t told anyone yet, I was pissed. Since when does he get to make the decisions again? Sayid should go beat his ass and take over. Everyone knows Sayid is the smartest person in the group, so its only fair that he be in charge. I hope that Jack just steps down in time to let Sayid plan the perfect defense against The Others, because he’s the only one who will be able to.

Tonight on Lost: Desmond delivers some shocking news to Charlie: This time he can’t save his life. So apparently this time saving Charlie will interfere with something very important. Hopefully we’ll find out what that is. Also, tonight the raid by The Others begins, which only means one thing: these last two episodes are going to be JAWESOME!!

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